Chronology of 2012

Jan 2 Ron Walters's clock winder, why you shouldn't put plywood on a jointer, and Harlan's tenon jig
Jan 9 Tiltable router lift and making molding with it. Also Rebecca Thornley's dining room workshop
Jan 16 Pekka Svinhufvud's bandsaws, glue and jointer knives and Carlo's horizontal boring jig
Jan 23 Checking the accuracy of the homemade jointer and Rick's bandsaw
Jan 30 New treads for old stairs and Ron Walters's wooden pipe making
Feb 6 Ron Walters's Pin gear experiment, planer blade sharpening, and about
the CTV TV shoot
Feb 13 The physics of bandsaw resawing, workshop as party room, and a panto- router made from steel
Feb 20 Shirt sucked in saw experiments, Wilmots's tilting router lift, Jens's dial a tenon
Feb 27 Ron Walters on clock gear cutting, sharpening twist drill bits, and modifying router bits
Mar 5 Why wood moisture matters. also Andy's bed and TV stand
Mar 12 Bill Price's workshop, demonstrating some of his inventions
Mar 19 Ryszard's homemade machines and projects, and more on building the jointer parallelogram
Mar 26 Why bandsaw blades squeal, Jim Lundin's box joint jig
Apr 1 Using the amazing new Skype: an online wood- working collaboration
Apr 2 How we made the April fools video. Also Lee Zimmer's bandsaw and other projects
Apr 9 Rounded dice with the router pantograph, bandsaws by Mike Mules and Tamás Petõ
Apr 14 Curved window layout capture and more on the Ted's Woodworking 16,000 plans scam
Apr 16 Making curved molding An interesting challenge to match the existing molding.
Apr 23 Building the box joint jig video series and Hessam Sane's sculpted rocking chair
Apr 30 Bandsaw sawmill misadventures and Peter Sibley's heavy duty saw lift
May 7 Recessed drawer knobs with the pantograph and Miguel Ruiz's router pantograph
May 14 Making table saw inserts video, Ron Walters's Scissor lamp extension, Lee's pantograph
May 21 My new router copy carving machine
May 28 Copy carving an old rotary phone, and two reader pantorouters: Ryszard's and Bennie's
Jun 4 Building a shed Parts 1 and 2, Ron Walters scrollsaw dust extraction video
Jun 7 Ron Walters C & R grain solid wood wheels and John Kutyba's Pantorouter
Jun 11 Sheet metal roofing, Col Bruge's Bandsaw Dan Hernoff's Tenon jig
Jun 18 Raising a shed in 30 minutes
Jun 25 Shed doors and three shop solutions videos by Ron Walters
Jul 2 Shed rack and pinion door latch and more. Andrew Scott's router lift with angle micro adjust
Jul 4 Ron Walters's Miter saw dust collection and mobile shop cabinet
Jul 9 Testing drywall screws and Reshingling a low sloped roof
Jul 14 Alain Vaillancourt's remote rustic cottage
Jul 16 2012 workshop tour, A quick and simple computer/monitor stand
Jul 23 Splayed miter joints and touring Karhu fine cabinetry & millwork
Jul 30 Turning a segmented bowl and Ron Walters on making U-joints
Aug 3 Best camera for making YouTube videos?
Aug 6 Touring Cottage #2at Amogla camp, Mikiono's bandsaw
Aug 10 Ron Walters making wooden whistles
Aug 13 A followup on Andy's homemade truck, Mark's combolock safe
Aug 20 Making louver shutters on the pantorouter, Alois's table saw laser
Aug 27 About the Venturi effect, Ron Walters's TV table, Jack's bandsaw
Sep 3 Drawer front repair, sharpening a chainsaw with an angle grinder, Justin's tripod
Sep 6 Collin Graver's all wooden bicycle, Nathan's apple grinder
Sep 10 Fixing a table saw, Ron Walters's worm drive experiments
Sep 16 Alois Schmid's Wood briquette press turns sawdust into wood briquettes
Sep 17 Building a blower for a small dust collector, Ron Walters's Wooden thrust bearing
Sep 24 Finishing up the small dust collector and testing it
Oct 1 A blast from the past: smashing old prototypes when I worked on the BlackBerry, years ago
Oct 4 Ron Walters making plexiglass gears, and reversing small motors, Rudolf's router table
Oct 8 Mini tornado experiment Hector's shopvac Thien- baffle, Peter's cyclone, Jim's square separator
Oct 12 Alois Schmid's basement workshop Aleks's marble adding machine
Oct 14 Making pushsticks, Pierre Faubert's bandsaw and workshop
Oct 21 My latest useless noise maker: A homemade air raid siren
Oct 27 Building a small table saw sled
Nov 4 Pekka Svinhufvud's homemade mitersaw, hand plane sharpeningfor barbarians
Nov 11 Building a Mechanical counter. Works like the old car odometers
Nov 16 Pekka Svinhufvud's Segmented bowl turning, and making a pattern
Nov 18 Can you squeeze all the glue out of a joint? and Chris's bandsaw
Nov 22 Mikiono's homemade scrollsaw
Nov 25 Photographing airborne dust
Dec 2 Tuning up a cheap bandsaw
Dec 9 Gábor Németh's Gas engine model, Changing planer knives
Dec 12 Pekka's tilting router lift and Alois's router lifter
Dec 16 Measuring dust with a Dylos air quality monitor
Dec 23 Balancing board, and wheeled platform, Ron Walters's mortiser mount
Dec 30 Curvy board - a bent lamination experiment, Gerald's box joint jig

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